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In short

Junibor, association of hungarian young independent winegrowers

Junibor was launched on August 14, 2008, from the will to create a community of collaboration between young independent winegrowers. The main activities of Junibor are to create and operate an internship system for the members in Hungary and abroad, to educate consumers to the quality wine drinking on festivals, to organise conferences and meetings and to build a forum where information can be shared.
Junibor already gathers around 30 members, aged 22 to 35, from 11 winegrowing regions in Hungary.

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Link: www.vindependent.hu

The Vindependent association

The National Association of Independent Hungarian Winegrowers(M.S.B.F.S.Z.) was established in March, 2005, on the request of the members of the Pannon Wine Guild.

Vindependent already gathers more than 120 family SMEs, organized in 22 production regions, which are themselves federated into regional organizations. This vital core stimulates the operation of the national organization. Management of the tasks is shared by several commissions (communications, quality, marketing etc.). The association is managed by a presidium of 7 people, 6 of whom represent one production region.

The youthful association focused on an ambitious development program. The organization takes steps for the protection of the members’ interests in the social, economic and administrative fields; participates in development policies at the local, national and European levels; coordinates the various dealings of the organization and provides its members with a technical and marketing support.
The members are by and large, small and average size family structures, dispersed throughout all of the Hungarian territory. The purpose of the association is to actively participate in growth, production and marketing of quality Hungarian wines in the territory, but also overseas in the furtherance of exporting wines and getting in contact with the other winegrowers of Europe. The objective is to also provide better visibility of the Hungarian wines on the foreign markets, and to develop their prominence with consumers.
Annual events support the members of the organization: wine trade shows, competitions, and monthly informational magazine etc.

Wine-production in Hungary

The Hungarian grape and wine producing sector suffers from a lack of investments, which affects the installations and the renewal of aged vineyards. This gap is connected to a current weak profitability, to a large parceling of the producers, and to the structure of the land-property. Few winegrowers are capable of vinifying their grapes themselves and many sell their production to large wine-making companies by multi-annual contracts. Since the privatization of some former public corporations, grape production is indeed ensured by approximately 130 000 individual proprietorships, having on average, less than one hectare. The independent winegrowers’ share is about 80 % of the total number of the producers and 50 % of the national production.

Independent Winegrowers in Hungary
The independent winegrowers number more than one hundred. These are familySMEs which regularly invest and step by step develop their wine estates for 10-15 years. They control the entire technical route of wine production and they produce grapes in their own vineyard, on an area varying from 10 to 100 ha. These estates produce premium wines. These are often products of niche which are placed into the market in the traditional cycle, in Horeca and in the prestigious high-price wine boutiques, yet these producers are present with the quality wines in large-scale distribution. The marketing of products is frequently centered on the reputation of the owner or the wine-maker. These companies are familiar with vital development and they often supplement their business activities with the welcoming of visitors, and wine-tourism.


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